Radko Gudas makes hip check of the century, and if you love hockey, you’re gonna freak out watching it

It’s not every day that you see a hip check so good it makes you gasp for air. But last night, Radko Gudas did just that against the Chicago Blackhawks.

During the former days, hip checks were more of regularity, but that makes them even more special when they happen today. And last night, Gudas made every single NHL fan cheer with his simply terrific hip check on Kirby Dach.

Dach tried to get past Gudas along the boards, but the Florida Panthers’ defenseman quickly closed the cap, clipped Dach, and made him fly and flip over. The sequence replays are amazing, and you can watch it time after time.

The hip check is a dying art in the NHL, so we all have to say ”thank you” to Radko Gudas for bringing it back. You just love to see it!

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