Peter Forsberg shares awesome story on how he may have invented the reverse hit: ”I was surprised”

Peter Forsberg is known for a lot of things. His goal scoring, his skillset, but mostly, his amazing physics. He’s considered one of Sweden’s best players of all time, and he can thank his strength for it.

Peter Forsberg always played with his physics to his advantage, and sometimes, he was almost impossible to take the puck away from. Forsberg was hard as a rock and wasn’t shy about laying huge hits.

Source: Bildbyran

He was strong on the defense, considering how great of an offensive player he was, but he was also great in offensive hits. Forsberg was one of the NHL’s first players who started to lay out a reverse hit.

Peter Forsberg now tells an awesome story about how he learned that he could absolutely drop people while still having the puck.

”It was in the World Junior Championship, against Russia, and I just thought, ’Why was that successful?’” Forsberg said on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast.

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Forsberg realized he had a great tool to gain an advantage with the reverse hit.

”You had to be a little sneaky, and you got to hide it. I think it was kind of my specialty.

”I just tried to look at the puck, and you could see from the back somewhere that the guy was coming, and then you run him.”

Source: Bildbyran

Forsberg was always a pain in the ass against his opponents, and he wasn’t easy to revenge.

”I always tried to stuck him and spear him a bit, and he was a little mad too. Then they thought they would really gonna run me, but then it just worked even better.”

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