Peter Forsberg could barely walk, but was still the most talented player Chris Therien ever had as a teammate

Peter Forsberg’s career was incredible. He was a complete powerhouse on the ice and almost impossible to run over. Forsberg had everything it took to make it in the NHL. The speed, the physique, and the winning mentality. Recently, The Athletic named Peter Forsberg the 27th-best player in modern NHL history.

And it wasn’t a big surprise. He’s a two-time Stanley Cup champion, a two-time World Cup champion, and a two-time Olympics winner.

Forsberg was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014, and perhaps most surprising about his career is how much of it that was destroyed to do injuries. 

“Before I was 30, I was good. After that, I was just trying to hold on,” ‘Foppa’ told Sportsnet. 

Peter Forsberg. Source: Bildbyran

Forsberg was great in Colorado Avalanche, but injuries were starting to make themself noticed at the beginning of the century. He had several surgeries on his feet, and in the 2002-03 season, he only played 75 games. He was in pain all the time but still won the Hart and the Art Ross Trophy.

Forsberg only played 39 games the year after that, and in 05, he joined the Philadelphia Flyers. Chris Therien still remembers his time as a teammate to Forsberg.

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How the Swede dominated, despite barely being able to walk.

“Every time I’d see him, he’d see have two feet in an ice bucket, like a race horse,” Therien told The Athletic. “I used to joke about it. ‘Someone’s gonna name a horse after you and call it ‘Foppa.’’”

Source: Bildbyran

Therien claims that Eric Lindros was the most talented teammate he ever had. But that changed when Forsberg arrived.

“He shows up,” Therien said, “and he’s this dynamite, shiny force. … He was the most dominant offensive machine player that I’d seen in my career.”

It’s hard to understand that he talks about a guy who could only play for 60 games, but he stands by it. 

“The 05-06 version of Peter Forsberg, yeah. His experience and wisdom in the NHL was just so unparalleled,” Therien said. “He did what he wanted, still.”

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