Paul Bissonnette’s latest gaffe during live broadcast has Henrik Lundqvist and rest of TNT crew dying laughing

Paul Bissonnette didn’t have the best NHL career, but as a media personality in hockey, he’s absolutely killing it at the moment.

Since the NHL on TNT launched, fans have been praising it for how incredibly entertaining it is.

With personalities like BizNasty, Anson Carter, Wayne Gretzky, and Henrik Lundqvist, there’s rarely a dull moment during the broadcast, and they’ve managed to create a great mix between being serious when analyzing the game and making the viewers laugh as they share great stories.

They also have the best interviews with the stars playing the game, with chirps flying all around.

And Bissonnette is probably the analyst that viewers like the most.

BizNasty is also the co-host of the huge Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, and he’s managed to make a big name for himself in the world of hockey. 

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And Wednesday produced yet another hilarious moment during a TNT broadcast, yet again with Paul Bissonnette as the main star.

The crew talked about the Sphere, the music and entertainment arena in Paradise, Nevada.

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But Biz had a tough time pronouncing the word correctly, and his colleagues broke down in laughter at his articulation. 

”May I remind you guys that I’m French Canadian? I was born speaking French. Well… Maybe a little after I was born? Maybe, like, nine months,” Bissonnette said; all the while, Anson Carter and Henrik Lundqvist just couldn’t stop laughing.

Check out the hilarious TV moment right here:

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