Paul Bissonnette with a golden roast, brutally chirping Wayne Gretzky on TV about his look

Every time Wayne Gretzky joins the panel during NHL on TNT broadcasts, it’s something special. The Great One is the best player in hockey history and the top goal-scorer, top in assists and in points.

Gretzky revolutionized the game and made so many people fall in love with hockey. So when he’s working on TV, just talking about the game and what happens in the NHL these days, it’s incredible.

The NHL on TNT has been a huge success since it launched last year, and they’ve put together a great group of former players to tell stories and analyze the game. Paul Bissonnette is a world-class chirper, and he always says something hilarious when interviewing the NHL stars.

And although his own NHL career was mediocre, he’s not afraid to chirp his panelist colleagues, not even Wayne Gretzky. During Wednesday’s broadcast, the guys started talking about Wayne Gretzky’s outfit.

The Great One wore two black shirts under a black jacket, and they had all the jokes about it.

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They first showed a post someone had posted on X, former Twitter, saying, ’Wayne still wearing his Luke Skywalker costume from last night.’ They then showed a photoshopped photo of Wayne Gretzky’s face in a Luke Skywalker outfit.

”I thought he was a magician,” Paul Bissonnette said.

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Wayne Gretzky didn’t find it all that amusing, though.

”I got feelings,” he said.

Paul Bissonnette, however, wasn’t finished.

”I’ll get you an eyepatch so you could be Number Two from Austin Powers,” Biz said, having everyone laughing.

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