Paul Bissonnette roasts Steve Yzerman on live TV with hilarious chirp for Chris Chelios

The NHL is back, and so is the NHL on TNT. The broadcast has been an enormous success, with their panelist really working hard to make the game fun. Sure, other channels and broadcasts do a great job explaining what’s happening on the ice and making everyone understand the game.

But the TNT does things a little differently. They’re more about chirps and laughter, and after their debut last season, they’re the viewers’ favorites.

The perhaps most well-liked analyst on the panel is Paul Bissonnette. As an NHLer, he wasn’t the most successful. He was, to be frank, kind of mediocre. But now, after his retirement, he runs the biggest hockey podcast in the world, Spittin’ Chiclets, and does great work with the guys on TNT.

There’s always something happening around BizNasty, and when the crew broadcasted the Detroit Red Wings-Pittsburgh Penguins game on Wednesday, he hilariously chirped Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman about his looks.

When Chris Chelios played in the NHL, he often did it tanned. When Chelios played in the UHL, someone asked Chris Chelios: “Have you been hitting the gym or the tanning bed?”

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Yzerman was the guest in the second intermission of TNT’s national broadcast of the Wings-Pens game on Wednesday, and it didn’t take long for Paul Bissonnette to chirp him hilariously.

”I already know what Steve does in his free time; he’s hit up the tan bed,” Bissonnette started.

”Hey, I got to compliment you on that tan. Did Chelios leave the tanning bed when he left town or what?” Biz continued.

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Steve Yzerman’s response was also hilarious.

”We had a very nice, late summer-early fall here in Detroit,” he replied.

Biz then complimented Yzerman for his work in the off-season, and he seems to have put together a powerful group this year. The Detroit Red Wings won the game over the Penguins 6-3, improving to a 3-1 record to start the season.

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