Paul Bissonnette hilariously attacks Kraken mascot with People’s Elbow in brawl live on air; fans are all saying the same thing about it

Paul Bissonnette did play a couple of seasons in the NHL, but he was never a stand-out player, and when he announced his retirement, you could summarize his career as mediocre.

However, as a media personality in the hockey world, he’s absolutely world-class.

Bissonnette is a podcast host of the huge Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, and he’s a regular member of the NHL on TNT panel, where he’s an appreciated analyst who’s never afraid to speak his mind about anything.

The NHL on TNT has been praised a lot by fans since its first broadcast. They bring something new to the NHL, something a bit more entertaining than we’re used to.

TNT broadcasted the NHL Winter Classic on the Monday of the event, and yet again, Paul Bissonnette stole the show, in an happening that absolutely no one saw coming.

Bissonnette has had an ongoing beef with the Seattle Kraken’s mascot, Buoy, all year long. In October, he called him the ugliest mascot in all professional sports, and since then, they’ve been taking shots at each other. On Monday, things got even more heated between them.

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Buoy came onto the set as a surprise during intermission, and he had a set of comically large boxing gloves with him, ready to go after Bissonnette.

Biz started throwing punches back at him before eventually running away from the mascot.

Eventually, Bissonnette ended the brawl by pulling off some huge wrestling moves on the mascot, and he even dropped a People’s Elbow on Buoy.

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Everyone on social media found the brawl hilarious, and they all said the same thing about it: That Paul Bissonnette is the fresh air that the NHL has needed for a long time.

“I don’t care how staged this stuff is, it’s hysterical to watch a TV personality, on live television, shoulder-check then drop a People’s Elbow on a mascot,” one said.

“Between their NBA and NHL crews, TNT knows what they’re doing covering sports,” another said.

“This had me cracking up, loved it,” a third added.

“This is golden. That last move from Biz was decisive,” a fourth said.

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