Paul Bissonnette gets absolutely burned by Keith Yandle, lets the expletives fly on live TV after the best chirp this playoffs

The NHL Playoffs just wouldn’t been the same without TNT.

The panel is so entertaining to watch, and every time they’re one, it’s just hilarious.

Paul Bissonnette has become a huge fan-favorite as an analyst, and he’s always bringing energy and chirps.

But last night, Keith Yandle brutally trolled him, which led to some expletives on live TV.

It was a hilarious exchange between Bissonnette, who also co-hosts the enormously popular podcast Spittin’ Chiclets, and Keith Yandle ahead of Game 6 between the New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There’s no doubt how much BizNasty loves the sport, and he gets emotionally involved when he watches the games, even as an analyst on TV.

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While talking about how much these games mean to the players, fans, and everyone watching, Bissonnette admitted that he was more nervous now than he ever was during his playing career.

A little reminder that Paul Bissonnette didn’t have the best playing career. He only played 202 games through six seasons and skated in four postseason games. And Keith Yandle certainly knew about his numbers.

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When BizNasty made his comments about how nervous he was, Yandle responded quickly with a chirp that had everyone laughing out loud.

”You wouldn’t be playing in the playoffs, anyway!” Yandle said.

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Bissonnette couldn’t stop laughing himself, but he was sure to throw his pen at Yandle, and he also exclaimed, ’A—hole!”

It’s not the first time Paul Bissonnette uses a profanity live on TV, but this time, Keith Yandle had it coming. What a great burn! We just love to see how much the panel enjoys being there, talking about hockey, and making it fun!  

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