Paul Bissonnette absolutely slammed for his words to Connor Bedard during NHL Awards, fans are all saying the same thing

Paul Bissonnette has been praised for his work as an analyst on TNT. The NHL on TNT has been incredible during the year, and fans have just loved how entertaining and hilarious the panelists are. It’s not just about hockey, it’s about the stories as well, and Paul Bissonnette is the best in the business.

BizNasty loves a great story, and his chirping with the star players is always a joy to watch. He brings out the funny side of every player he talks to, but now, many think he’s gone too far.

Bissonnette worked on TV during the NHL Awards on Monday night and had his good moments. He requested that Connor McDavid mention his hot tub in his acceptance speech in exchange for donating money to Oilers superfan Ben Stelter’s charity.

But Bissonnette also had some cringe moments, and on social media, fans called him out for perhaps being a bit too much.

Bissonnette offered Bedard a cowboy hat, and when he accepted, Bissonnette was crazy happy.

”I got the fake ID for you. We’ll have a really good time tonight,” Biz said, talking about taking him ”to the strip.”

When Bissonnette later asked Bedard to give the crowd a ’Yee-haw,’ he refused and said, ’No, I’m good.’

Fans didn’t like Biz’s behavior.

”They should simply stop having Paul Bissonnette on television,” one fan said about it.

”Biznasty is 0-for-2 on getting Wayne Gretzky and Connor Bedard to say stupid shit,” another said.

”BizNasty is the worst. Completely ruining the #NHLAwards with his moronic caveman behavior. Nobody is watching to listen to you! We’re watching despite you, Biz,” a third added.

Some thought Bissonnette was funny, though, and as always, opinions divide about him.

However, everyone agreed that Connor Bedard, at the age of just 17, did amazing in handling the situation where he clearly didn’t want to ”Yee-haw” to the crowd.

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