Patrick Kane’s incredible buzzer beater in OT disallowed by a minuscule margin, he deserved better for this effort

Rumors have been surrounding Patrick Kane for the last couple of months. He’s been open about how he wants a trade, and for some time, it looked like he was off to either the New York Rangers or Toronto Maple Leafs, but it seems like both have passed on the veteran winger.

With rumors swarming around him, he has kept on playing hockey, and he’s been doing it great. Kane is still one of the best goal-scorers in the league, and he just keeps proving it night after night.

On Sunday, Kane scored a hat trick and had a four-point night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and on Tuesday, in what could’ve been his final game at the United Center as a Blackhawk, he decided the game in the dying second of the matchup with Vegas Golden Knights.

Or at least that’s what he, and everyone else, thought.

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The game was tied 2-2 when Kane scored a beautiful goal off a slapper on a breakaway in overtime. The goal seemed to be a classic buzzer-beater, but after a lengthy review, the officials disallowed the goal as it was deemed that the clock had expired before the puck passed the goal line.

Instead, the game went into a shootout, where the Blackhawks won. But it was a shame that it wasn’t decided with Kane’s beautiful slapper. And many thought that the goal should’ve been allowed.

“I thought it was in because the feed that we had, it looked like it was like .01 still on it,” head coach Luke Richardson said. “But I think it’s a TV feed, so it’s not the actual clock feed. We just had to beat them twice, I guess.”

The Chicago Blackhawks’ next home game is on March 2, the day before the trade deadline.

This may have been Kane’s final game at home as a Blackhawks, and what a way it would’ve been to say farewell.

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