Pat Maroon trolls Toronto fans mocking him; they actually thought they were getting a gift from him

Pat Maroon always finds a way to be in the center of attention, and the series against the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t been an exception. After a win last night, Toronto leads the series 3-2.

And the series has had it all: quality goals, awesome chirps and fights, and a lot of emotions. The Maple Leafs’ players and coaches predicted it would be a violent series, and they weren’t wrong.

And Pat Maroon has just been outstanding when it comes to the physical play and the chirping between the players. And also between the fans. Toronto had the home advantage in Game 5 on Tuesday, and Pat Maroon isn’t making any new friends at the Scotiabank Arena.

Source: Twitter

Maroon could be seen blowing Leafs fans kisses during warm-ups after being taunted by them, but it didn’t stop there. According to Tampa Bay Lightning writer Chris Kenn, fans at one corner of the arena were heckling Maroon nonstop.

Maroon then responded in the best way possible.

According to Krenn, the Lightning’s veteran scooped up the puck and skated over as he was going to give it to them. However, he didn’t, and as the fans were preparing to catch the puck, Maroon dropped it and skated away. We can just imagine that he did it with a smile.

This is some top-notch trolling from Maroon. What a guy!

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