Parents of Senators’ Mathieu Joseph go viral for their hilarious reaction to their son starting a scrum with Kris Letang

Every time the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators play each other, it’s a special game for the Joseph family.

Senator winger Mathieu Joseph is two years older than his brother, Penguins defenseman Pierre-Olivier Joseph.

They were both drafted into the NHL two years apart and last year, they played each other for the very first time.

This led to some thinking for their parents: How would they support their kids without picking sides for the game? Their solution was brilliant. The father simply wore an Ottawa jersey, and the mother wore a Pittsburgh one.

And when they played again on Tuesday, they mixed it up, with the father wearing a Pittsburgh jersey this time, and vice versa.

The parents also reacted to a play made by one of their sons that went viral, with everyone finding it absolutely hilarious.

Late in the third period, a scrum broke out just in front of the Pens’ goal. Mathieu Joseph started exchanging shoves and a couple of shots.

Letang’s helmet even came off as three other Pittsburgh players swarmed Olivier. 

Joseph’s parents’ reaction to it all was luckily caught on the TV broadcast, and it was absolutely hilarious, with his mother looking at her husband with some serious concern. The father, on the other hand, tried hard not to make a face at all. 

Check it out:

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