P.K. Subban Delivers An Inspiring Message To 13-Year-Old Receiving Racist Taunts

P.K. Subban Delivers An Inspiring Message To 13-Year-Old Receiving Racist Taunts

P.K. Subban seems to be a player you either love or hate. Whether you are a fan of Subban or not, we can all agree he is a class act.

The hockey community can be great at times, but there are some instances where negative issues happen. According to a Reddit post on r/hockey, a 13-year-old boy has been dealing with racist taunts due to the color of his skin, a father posted yesterday. Subban reached out to the family and send a message to “Ty.”

The father commented, saying that his son has had to deal with opponents using the N-word towards him, players calling him a monkey among other things. He also mentioned that Subban is his son’s favorite player, asking for his jersey for Christmas. His son also wears 76 because of Subban.

Comments and actions towards the father’s son have no place in society, let alone hockey. Subban stepping up as one of the league’s most popular players and delivering such a heartfelt, yet powerful message is proof that actions “Ty” has endured have no place in the game.

Subban has also had to deal with negative slurs towards him as a player, receiving many racial slurs directed at him on Twitter when Montreal played Boston.

This kind gesture will certainly go a long way and hopefully cause players to think about what they say before blurting it out. Subban is a pure class act for this move.

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