P.K. Subban brought a friend from Children’s Hospital during honoring, led the crowd in a chant for her

P.K. Subban was such a great player in his prime, and the Montreal Canadiens fans will always remember him for his great work ethic, offensive plays, and as a great community member. Few people have made such a lasting imprint in just seven years as Subban did during his time in the city.

Subban has always been a great guy who gives to those who haven’t been as fortunate or who struggle in any way. Subban has often been praised for his charity work in Montreal, where he donated much money to children’s hospitals over the years.

And Thursday, when all eyes were on him, and it was his time to get some recognition for everything he’s done, he still let someone else who needed it more be in the spotlight.

Subban retired last year and was honored in Montreal ahead of a game against the Nashville Predators. Subban left Montreal for the Nashville Predators in 2016, so it was a fitting matchup for him to be honored.

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As soon as Subban entered the ice, the crowd started singing chants of ”P-K, P-K, P-K!” And he responded with a speech on how thankful he was for the support in Montreal over the years. But Subban wasn’t alone on the ice.

In 2015, P.K. Subban pledged $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and there, he met a huge fan named Mila. When she was just 17 months old, a simple cold triggered an autoimmune disease that paralyzed her from the neck and down. Subban has, over the years, met Mila several times and shared her progress on his social media.

As he was honored in Montreal Thursday, he brought her with him to the ice.

“I want to introduce you guys to one of my close friends, Mila,” said Subban.

He then started a ”Mi-la, Mi-la!” chant.

“All the support from you fans and everybody in Montreal, it means the world to me, the support that you guys have continued to give us, to give kids like Mila an opportunity to live the life that we have, so privileged to live every day with our health.”

If you needed any more proof that P.K. Subban is a good guy, it’s pretty much confirmed by now.

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