NHL referee gets praise for unusual decision, actually pulling Mark Giordano out of the penalty box

It’s not every day that referees in the NHL change their decisions on the ice. If they decide, especially for a penalty, they rarely have a reason even to discuss it. But last night, during the game between Toronto Maple Leafs and the New Jersey Devils, the referees pulled back their decision, and they got a lot of praise.

Mark Giordano made his debut for the Maple Leafs after being traded from the Seattle Kraken and impressed by the blueline. But his most noticeable moment was a penalty that didn’t happen.

Early in the third, the 38-year-old was close to a Jersey player who suddenly fell, free on goal. The officials raised their arms for a tripping and sent Giordano to the penalty box but suddenly changed their mind.

Giordano was already sitting down as they skated to him after a short conference and let him out of the penalty box. On TV, the referees received a lot of praise for their decision, and it’s no doubt that it was the right one.

Should we see this more often in the NHL?

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