Milan Lucic’s reaction to smelling salt has fans laughing; there must’ve been something wrong with it

Milan Lucic is back in Boston, and he hasn’t changed one bit. He appeared in the Bruins exhibition game against the Buffalo Sabres, and as usual, Lucic found a way to put himself in the spotlight. And it had something to do with smelling salts.

If you love hockey and the NHL, you’ve probably seen it during games. When the camera scans to a bench before or during a contest, you sometimes see players taking a whiff out of a jar or a bag and then reacting like it was the most disgusting thing that ever happened to them.

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Smelling salts are, accordingly, ”diluted ammonia mixed with water and alcohol.” It’s like taking a slap to the face when you smell it. Players sniff it during games for the same reason you and I drink coffee or energy drinks.

It’s an easy wake-me-up method, but the strong smell also causes a snap-back reaction, and it seems almost impossible to do it without a funny look on your face.

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And that goes even for some of the toughest guys in the NHL. Fans couldn’t stop laughing when enforcer Ryan Reaves smelled the salt during a game and almost got knocked out. After the game, he confessed he almost puked twice.

But some players are just a different kind of breed. Just ask Milan Lucic.

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During Tuesday’s exhibition game against the Sabres, Lucic did some salt-sniffing during the game, and his reaction was hilarious. Milan Lucic didn’t even move his face one bit, and fans thought it was the most Lucic thing ever.

”Light-work no reaction,” one said.

”Using it like chapstick,” a second said.

”Lol it has no effect on him,” a third added.

During the game, Lucic punched a Sabres player during a light scrum in front of the net, with fans saying: ”Milan Lucic is officially back.”

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