Mike Smith had the coolest response after allowing a goal from the other end of the rink in Game 4

It’s not something fans would’ve expected, but Mike Smith has actually outplayed Vezina Trophy nominee Jacob Markstrom during the Battle of Alberta series.

But last night, the Oilers goalie had a nightmare, as he let in a shot from the other side of the rink. It was a moment he would love to have back and one of the biggest goalie mistakes of the year.

The shot came from around 150 feet away, as Andersson was just trying to get the puck out of his own defensive zone. But Mike Smith lost sight of the puck, and the Flames tied the game.

Luckily for Smith, the Oilers responded well to the setback and eventually won the game 5-3. And Smith wasn’t too fed up afterward. Instead, he was all smiles and gave one of the coolest responses ever when asked about the goal.

“I can laugh now. I don’t think there has been a time in my career where I lost a puck and had no idea where it went,” Smith told reporters.

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