Mike Condon chased from net after embarrassing goal

It was a bad night at the office for Ottawa Senators goalie Mike Condon.

Last night against the Arizona Coyotes, Condon fell victim to a shorthanded goal that was Derek Stepan’s second goal of the season. Shorthanded goals happen all the time, but the way the puck went in the net was embarrassing.

Already down 2-0, the Sens had a chance to get one back on the Power Play. Unfortunately for Condon and Ottawa, Stepan’s wrister from his own blue-line fooled Condon and went into the back of the net.

The puck went right between the legs of Condon, which lead to him being pulled from the goal. Craig Anderson, the Sens’ starting goalie, was supposed to get a night off. Unfortunately for him, he needed to step in during the first period.

In Condon’s first start of the season, he allowed five goals against Boston but stuck through it to the end. Last night, he was pulled after allowing three goals on eleven shots.

It was a tough game overall, as the Sens dropped this one 5-1. Oliver Ekman-Larsson scored his first goal of the season last night during the thrashing.

The Senators have a pretty heavy load to open November, so maybe Condon will get another chance at goal in the near future.

Condon may want to shut his phone off and not go on social media for the next few days as well.


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