Max Domi’s gesture towards Sam Bennett after getting absolutely destroyed by him in fight leaves fans stunned

This summer, the Toronto Maple Leafs added some physical presence to their squad in the form of Tyler Bertuzzi, Max Domi, and Ryan Reaves.

And although Max Domi isn’t nearly as wild as his dad Tie Domi, a Toronto Maple Leafs icon who served as a protector for Mats Sundin during a great and long career, he still brings his all to every game.

In Tuesday’s messy game between the Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers, Domi back-checked on superstar Matthew Tkachuk early in the second period, and Panthers’ Sam Bennett didn’t take it well.

Bennett shoved Domi, but no penalty was assessed. Domi and Bennett weren’t done for the night, and later in the second frame, Bennett checked Domi along the boards, and Domi had enough.

The two tough guys dropped the gloves, and although Domi landed one or two punches on Bennett, the Panthers player got the best of Domi as the Maple Leafs forward got absolutely destroyed by Bennett in a very one-sided tilt.

Bennett got Domi down to the ice but didn’t stop spamming right hooks at him.

Eventually, referees had to step in.

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But Max Domi, known for his never-ending chirps, still found time to make fun of his opponent, even though he had been bested in the just-ended fight.

As Domi and Bennett skated towards their respective penalty boxes, Domi ran his hands through his hair, taking a shot at Bennett being bald, almost indicating that although Bennett might’ve won the fight, Domi still won the hair game.

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But on social media platforms, fans mocked Domi for pulling off such a move after getting beaten in a fight.

“Bennett destroyed him lol,” one social media user said on X, formerly Twitter.

“After he got mopped lol,” another added.

“Trying to save face after Bennett used him as a human zamboni during that fight,” a third added.

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