Mark Stone’s incredible gesture after winning the Stanley Cup that everyone absolutely loves

What a ride it’s been for Mark Stone. When he hoisted the Stanley Cup after his Vegas Golden Knights won Game 5 against the Florida Panthers, he was probably the happiest and most relieved man in the world because few people have fought harder to achieve their dream than Stone has.

For years, Stone has had problems with injuries. It started in the 2021 playoffs, and during all of last season, Stone played just 37 games in the regular season.

He had a lumbar discectomy in May last year, but he was back to start the regular season this season. It lasted until Jan. 12. The back injury was back, and he needed surgery for the second time in just nine months. And he didn’t play more in the regular season.

But he was back in the playoffs, and as the captain of the Vegas Golden Knights, he’s led by example when it comes to grid and winning mentality. He’s not just a great player who recorded 24 points in 22 games; he’s a leader.

And after the Stanley Cup title was clinched, and the celebrations were heading for the locker room, he showed he’s the ultimate leader.

The NHL Network posted a Tweet after the celebration about how Mark Stone was on his way down the tunnel with the Stanley Cup when he suddenly realized something.

Teammate Chandler Stephenson and his wife hadn’t gotten a chance to take a picture with the baby in the Stanley Cup, so he decided to turn around and make it happen.

The picture of Stone watching the family smiling is just adorable, and it proves what kind of a captain he really is. We absolutely love to see it!

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