Mark Stone drops Roman Josi with one-punch

It’s not often that you find two skilled skaters, known for their ability to score goals and points, in a brawl.

It’s even more unusual to see it happen when those two skaters are Mark Stone and Roman Josi.

Photo: Youtube

The two stars rarely drop their gloves – but yesterday it happened.

Forward Stone and defenceman Josi exchanged a few words in front of the Predators’ goal, before going off on one another.

One single punch

The fact that Josi, in particular, is a rookie when it comes to fighting, unfortunately showed.

The fight lasted barely more than ten seconds, before things ended with Stone dropping Josi with a single punch.

Photo: Youtube

Josi could, luckily, skate away from the brawl unscathed.

According to, this was only Josi’s second fight in the NHL.

Let’s hope, for his sake, is was also his last one.

See the fight here: