Man gets medical attention after taking John Carlson shot through camera hole in the face

No matter if you’re at a NHL game or not, today’s media coverage makes it easy to follow up and see all the highlights and pictures from the game.

With technology getting better, so does the photographer’s cameras. That means we get to see some of the most awesome pictures in sports at NHL arenas.

For photographers to bring us this great material, they usually use a small hole through the glass to get the perfect shot.

But last night during the Caps and Sabres game, that meant someone getting hurt.

In the first period, Capitals defenseman John Carlson aimed to play the puck at the boards in the corner and on towards the blue line. However, he managed to hit the exact spot where there was a hole in the glass.

On the other side, a man got hit in the face.

The person got a towel, probably because of the bleeding in the face, but seamed to be ok after the unfortunate accident.

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