Lucic retaliates with vicious punch after teammate gets wrecked along the boards

Milan Lucic was tossed in last night’s contest between the Edmonton Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

With just over 10 minutes to go in the third period, Lucic tracked down Mathieu Joseph and leveled him to the ice. After Lucic plastered Joseph, he punched the Lightning rookie in the head.

The play resulted in a rugby-like scuffle between the two clubs and even players like Connor McDavid got involved.

Lucic’s play was retaliation after Joseph boarded Kris Russell from behind earlier in the game. During the post-whistle scuffle, it would be Lucic handed the only penalties on the play.

Lucic was dealt two minors for Roughing and Interference, as well as the 10-minute misconduct.

As of right now, there has been no word from the NHL Director of Player Safety on whether or not the league will look into the altercation. If they decide to reprimand Lucic, an announcement in doing so should take place this morning at some point.

If Lucic were to be suspended for the play, it wouldn’t be the first time. Lucic was suspended one-game in 2009 during the playoffs, as well as receiving a suspension in the 2011-2012 season for an illegal hit to Zac Rinaldo.

Joseph was playing in his 15th career NHL game last night.

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