Leon Draisaitl doesn't hold back during handshakes, sends clear message to Alex Pietrangelo after Oilers loss

Leon Draisaitl doesn’t hold back during handshakes, sends clear message to Alex Pietrangelo after Oilers loss

If there’s one thing hockey fans love to see, it’s the handshake tradition after a playoff series. It’s incredible to see players who battled with each other during a series suddenly shaking hands and paying their respects to each other.

It’s usually very stress-free and not very controversial, but of course, when emotions run high, everything could happen. And Leon Draisaitl, the playoff leader in point, didn’t seem to care about tradition when he skated by Alex Pietrangelo in the handshake line following the Oilers’ elimination from the second round.

Earlier in the series, Pietrangelo gave Draisaitl a two-handed slash right on the wrist. The Golden Knights defenseman earned a one-game suspension for the slash, which happened when Game 4 was already decided, and the Oilers were up 4-1 with just under two minutes to go.

After the slashing, Connor McDavid was furious, and so was Leon Draisaitl, and they both said that it was with the intent to injure Draisaitl.

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The Edmonton Oilers had to win on Sunday night to keep the series alive, but they didn’t. The Vegas Golden Knights advanced to the third round of this year’s playoffs and postgame, Leon Draisaitl had no plans on making peace with Pietrangelo.

When Draisaitl shook Pietrangelo’s hand, he did it aggressively and barely looked at his opponent before quickly letting it go. It looked like Pietrangelo would say something, but Draisaitl wasn’t having any of it.

On social media, many thought that Draisaitl’s behavior was understandable.

”Eh, I don’t blame him and I’m a Vegas fan,” one said.

”Credit to Leon for pushing through and shaking his hand,” another said.

However, many also suggested that it was unnecessary from Draisaitl to not just let it go. What’s your take on this?

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