Kirby Dach forces Cal Clutterbuck to do a cartwheel with one of the best reverse hits this season

Kirby Dach has always been amazing on transitioning the puck. The 6-foot-4, 212-pound forward isn’t easy to move, and when he just puts his head down and skates forward, he does it better than most in the NHL. This season, Dach has also improved his offensive abilities, and he’s starting to look like a real threat and someone the Montreal Canadiens can trust.

Dach scored his eighth goal of the season in a 2-1 win against the New York Rangers Sunday, and it was also his 27th point this season. Dach had previously recorded 26 points as most in a single NHL season, but now, with just 44 games played, he’s already recorded 27.

Wing has been back and forth between playing on the wing and as a center, but with the Canadiens having troubles with injuries, with Sean Monahan and Jake Evans out, Dach has been playing at center, and he’s been doing great.

Against the Rangers, Dach had almost 17 minutes on the ice, and he was key for the Canadiens holding out the one-goal lead in the game’s final moments. As we said, he’s not easy to take the puck away from, and he’s nearly impossible to take down. And it doesn’t matter if he has the puck in possession. 

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But if his performance against the Rangers were amazing, he did something even more memorable against the Islanders on Saturday. The Canadiens lost the game, 2-1, but Dach still made fans’ jaws drop in the dying moments of the game. With just 20 seconds to go, Dach took the puck out of his own end and into the neutral zone.

Coming up ahead was Cal Clutterbuck, ready to hand out a massive open ice hit. Instead, Dach just had time to pass a teammate before he handed out one of the most amazing reverse hits we’re going to see this season. And fans loved it.

”Remember kids, never play on train tracks‚” one said.

”It did not even slow him down,” said another.

”That was splendid to watch,” a third added. 

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