Kevin Rooney hilariously mocked Tom Wilson and got the most confusing penalty during last nights scrum

It didn’t come as a surprise that gloves were dropped as the Rangers and the Capitals squared off on Wednesday night.

The days leading up to the game was all about Tom Wilson and his scrum against Pavel Buchnevich and Artemi Panarin, and the Rangers have been furious at the league for not suspending Wilson.

Last night, when the team played each other once again, the Rangers took matters into their own hands.

Photo: Youtube

As soon as the puck dropped in the first period, three Rangers players (Kevin Rooney, Colin Blackwell and Phillip Di Giuseppe) dropped their gloves and started fighting with three Capitals players – Garnet Hathaway, Nicholas Dowd and Carl Hagelin. All six players were given five-minutes major penalties. But that was just the beginning.

50 seconds into the opening period, Tom Wilson came onto the ice for the first time. He was immediately confronted by Brendan Smith, and the duo both dropped their gloves. Shortly after, two more fights happened, and in total, there were six different fights in the first four minutes and 14 seconds of Wednesday’s game.

There were, of course, a whole lot of penalty minutes handled out. But one player got punished just by standing on the bench.

Kevin Rooney stood on the bench as Tom Wilson was just outside, on the ice. Rooney then flexed like Hulk Hogan, just like Tom Wilson did some nights ago, which caused him to get a 10-minute misconduct penalty.

Photo: Twitter

On social media, the clips of Rooney mocking Wilson has spread like a wildfire.

”Is this why Wilson left the game with hurt feelings?”, one user wrote.