Kadri prepared for retribution in tonight's meeting with San Jose

Kadri prepared for retribution in tonight’s meeting with San Jose

Earlier this month, the Sharks and Maple Leafs exchanged some pleasantries during their November 15th contest in San Jose.

The game was heated, as the Sharks tried to settle a score with Nazem Kadri for fighting Joe Thornton in a previous game last season.

“That’s what they told me,” Kadri said when asked why the Sharks were irritated with him.

The leftover bad blood added another drop in the bucket during their meeting earlier this month. I believe we can expect another chippy game tonight.

Kadri insists it was Thornton who started this whole debacle, however.

“He asked me to fight and I’m not trying to fight guys that are six inches and 50 pounds heavier than I am,” Kadri said. “That’s not something I want to do. But it was his decision and I felt like I had to answer the bell at that point. And I don’t back down. And however they want to proceed and progress moving forward I’m OK with.”

Kadri is well aware that a huge aspect of his game is to get under the skin of the opposition.

“That’s what I look to do,” Kadri said. “It’s part of my game to try and agitate as much as possible. For me, I don’t think I’m a guy you can really push off his game when it comes to the physical aspect.”

The Sharks’ attempt to retaliate to Kadri may have affected the outcome of how San Jose played. The Maple Leafs went on to win that contest 5-3. Kadri didn’t register a point in the game during his 20 shifts.

Kadri says he is ready if the Sharks want a piece of him tonight. It’s evident that Kadri is mentally prepared for any altercation that may come his way. San Jose didn’t get the better of Kadri in their last meeting, and this is the final date between the two clubs for this season.