Just what Sidney Crosby said to David Pastrnak after late-game slapshot has been revealed

There have been a lot of discussions about empty-net goals in the NHL this season.

There’s a code not to humiliate your opponents when scoring late in the game, and things got out of hand when the Ottawa Senators’ Ridly Greig scored an empty-net slapshot against the Toronto Maple Leafs, which sparked absolute chaos.

This weekend, the Pittsburgh Penguins suffered a tough 6-4 loss to the Boston Bruins, and when David Pastrnak had a chance to score in the dying seconds of the game, things got heated once again.

The Pittsburgh Penguins need every point in their push for the playoffs, but they got zero against the Bruins.

As the game was coming to an end, with just seconds left and the score 6-4 to the Bruins, Boston forward David Pastrnak took a slapshot on goalie Tristan Jarry.

Jarry did manage to make the save, but Sidney Crosby was still left furious. Directly after the save, the game came to an end, and as Pastrnak skated toward the Bruins’ bench, he was confronted by Sidney Crosby, who questioned his actions.

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According to ESPN’s analyst Ray Ferraro, who was between the benches when it happened, Pastrnak told Crosby that he wasn’t trying to score.

To that, Crosby, again according to Ferraro, asked what the point of the slapshot was, per The Hockey News.

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Postgame, Crosby played down the confrontation between the superstars.

“He took a slapshot,” Crosby said. “I didn’t really see where it hit Jars. He can do whatever he wants. Obviously, there’s still time on the clock. There wasn’t much to it.”

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