Jonathan Toews’ final five words as a Blackhawk says absolutely everything about him

Jonathan Toews’ days with the Chicago Blackhawks have officially ended. The team captain has helped his organization to three Stanley Cups, but it was announced on Thursday that this would be his final year with the Blackhawks, and it was an emotional and memorable night at the United Center that of course was sold out.

When Toews was announced as a starter, it was the loudest cheer so far, but it would get even noisier when Toews scored a goal in the second period.

Toews was also close to clinching the win in overtime, but his attempt on a breakaway was stopped. But the crowd didn’t care that the Blackhawks lost against the Philadelphia Flyers. This was Toews’ moment, and the sold-out crowd made sure to send him all the love and appreciation.

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Postgame, the standing ovation for Toews never wanted to stop, and Toews was forced by his teammates to take an extra lap. Humble as always, Toews felt overwhelmed. When he was filmed by TV cameras, the microphones picked up Toews saying, ”I’m not worthy of this” to himself and his teammates.

That was his final words as a Blackhawk and the last thing he said to the fans who adore him so much.

“It’s almost hard to accept that love and that praise,” Toews told reporters afterward. “I tried my best to just soak it in. The guys were telling me I should do one more lap. I was like, ‘That was one too many already right there.’ It was pretty cool. It was overwhelming. I didn’t expect that.

“Really didn’t know what to expect tonight, but just tried to focus on the game just as I always do and go out there and create some offense and try and win the game for us. Unfortunately fell a little bit short. Still a pretty special moment for all of us.”

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