John Tortorella hilariously burns his own players with quote of the year during in-game interview

The Philadelphia Flyers are currently on a four-game losing streak, and as you can guess, head coach John Tortorella isn’t happy.

 Tortorella was positive as the Flyers lost to the Dallas Stars on Sunday, to everyone’s huge surprise. During Tortorella’s years in the NHL, he’s been known as a hot-head who always speaks up when something is wrong or isn’t going as planned. So nobody expected him to be positive after a third straight loss. But Tortorella stated there are “a lot of good things” going on with his group on Sunday.

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But on Tuesday, he was back to the Torts we all know, and all the positives were blown away.

As Tortorella and his Flyers played against the coach’s former team Colombus last night, Tortorella got interviewed by ESPN analyst Brian Boucher mid-game.

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The Flyers were behind 1-0 late in the first, and Tortorella didn’t hold back on what he thought of his team’s performance so far. His response was absolutely hilarious. 

“We suck,” he said without any hesitation at all. 

“We haven’t forechecked, we haven’t done anything as of right now.”

The funniest thing of all?

Source: Twitter

As Tortorella’s interview ended, he took the headset off so fast that his glasses nearly fell to the ground.

”I love the glasses falling off effect,” one fan said.

”I appreciate the honesty, tell it how it is,” another added.

”He is a national treasure,” a third said.

Luckily, he caught them from falling, and Tortorella could get back to coaching. His Flyers lost the game 5-4 in OT and are now fifth in the Metropolitan Division, with a 7-6-3 record. 

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