Jaromir Jagr had his stick on the ice every single second during practice, and the reason is nothing but amazing

Jaromir Jagr is a unique player, and few players have played for as long as he has. He still plays hockey at the top level, in the Czech top tier, but he’s most known for his more than 20 years in the NHL.

The stories regarding Jagr are many, and everybody who’s a real fan of hockey knows how special he is outside of the rink. But, if you want to keep playing over your 50s, you have to do some extraordinary things to keep your body fresh, which Jagr has done. For example, Jagr has always had access to a key to the hockey rinks to practice as often he wants and when he wants it.

But it wasn’t just outside the rink that Jagr was a bit special. He also had some unique things going on during practice.

”He always practiced with a weight vest on, and he also put out some GoCart wheels to shoot on, just so he could get stronger in his arms and body,” former teammate Andreas Lilja has revealed.

But one more thing stood out.

”He never lifted his stick off the ice, not for one second during practice. It was always on the ice. He told me, ”If I don’t have my club on the ice, I can’t score.” So he just always had his club on the ice.”

”Even when we were doing skating drills, he just put two hands on the stick, and didn’t lift it for a second. He had a great mindset, in one way, but he was so special.”

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