Jakub Lauko was mic’d up during fight, and what he said afterward was absolutely awesome

The Boston Bruins have one of the NHL’s most prolific and veteran-filled rosters. Heading into the season last summer, there wasn’t much room for a prospect to make the team, and everyone knew it would take something extra for them to get a breakthrough in the NHL.

But Jakub Lauko had an amazing training camp, and nobody was surprised when he got some well-earned playing time at the start of the season.

Lauko didn’t stick around for too long, as veterans and more established players got healthy and back from injuries, but Lauko played for 22 games this season. Lauko is well-liked by teammates and fans and earned respect with his tough play style and winning mentality.

You would expect Lauko to play even more next year, and it will be interesting to see how the Bruins will handle the 23-year-old in the coming season. One thing’s for sure: Lauko is making it quite impossible for hockey fans to dislike him, and videos just like this one below prove how great of a guy he really is.

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In the documentary about the Boston Bruins, ’Behind the B’s,’ we saw a sequence of Lauko when he was mic’d up against the Columbus Blue Jackets at the end of the regular season. In the game, Lauko got into a fight with Blue Jackets’ Bill Sweezey, and they had the most wholesome conversation.

Lauko first, very politely, asked if Sweezey wanted to drop the gloves. Then, after the fight—which was pretty good—Lauko turned to Sweezey and screamed, ’Good f*cking job,’ before being sent to the penalty box.

NHL insider Pete Blackburn posted the video on Twitter and said: ”Jakub Lauko is a perfect gentleman.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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