Jake DeBrusk announcing the starting lineup for Bruins is the funniest thing ever, he’s a legend for these chirps

Everything looked so great for Jake DeBrusk. During the 2023 Winter Classic against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the winger scored both goals, including the game-winner, with just 2:24 remaining in the contest.

DeBrusk became just the second Bruins player to record multiple goals in an outdoor game, and it didn’t come as a huge surprise. DeBrusk was on 30 points through 36 games when he got placed on LTIR. The Winter Classic was the last game he played; since then, he’s been out injured in his hand and lower body.

Since then, the Boston Bruins have dominated the league, and they’re well on breaking all kinds of NHL records. And hey, Jake DeBrusk may still have something to do with it.

Although he doesn’t play, he’s been with the team, and in the documentary Behind the B’s, we were shown a great sequence on how great and funny a guy DeBrusk really is. 

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Ahead of a game, the Bruins had no idea DeBrusk would have something to do with announcing the starting lineup, but when he ran into the locker room, he did it perfectly. DeBrusk took his teammates by surprise, and luckily, it was filmed, and it’s hilarious.

DeBrusk started the announcement by claiming that Taylor Hall is a ”Phoenix Coyotes legend,” and that David Krejci is ”old as f*ck.”

As someone wrote on Twitter, ”Throw this starting lineup announcement from Jake DeBrusk in the Hall of Fame,” and we couldn’t agree more. Jake DeBrusk is actually hilarious!

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