Huge heavyweight tilt between Olivier and Deslauriers ends in the most polite way ever, fans are all saying the same thing about it

It’s not often that we see two tough guys fighting and then suddenly decide that enough is enough. We always love it when fighters respect each other, and this is the prime example of it.

During last night’s matchup between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Philadelphia Flyers, Mathieu Olivier and Nick Deslauriers decided to drop the gloves.

Deslauriers, of the Philadelphia Flyers, leads the league in fights this season with four, but none of them has ended like the one on Sunday did.

It happens that fights suddenly stop and that both combatants decide to end it, but that’s usually when there’s not much action, and it’s more on the passive side.

However, the fight between Olivier and Deslauriers was great, and they both landed some massive punches.

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They traded punches for a while, with no end in sight, and as they both got more and more tired, Deslauriers was suddenly spotted saying something to Olivier.

Olivier responded with a simple nod, and just like that, the fight was over, and they showed each other respect with a quick hug and a helmet tap.

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Deslauriers, arguably the best fighter in the league, won the fight according to fans’ reactions on social media, but let’s just put it like this: They’re both winners in our book.

What a great fight, and what a perfect way to end it. This is what we absolutely love to see, and so did the fans, who just couldn’t praise the two of them enough on social media.

“Just two warriors who respect each other and love the game,” one said.

“Love that mutual respect for each other,” another said.

”Hockey is so awesome,” a third added.”

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