Hockey fans in shock after P.K. Subban’s words about pop star live on air; he could get canceled for this

P.K. Subban was a great hockey player and a real character off the ice. It wasn’t surprising he, shortly after announcing his retirement, was approached for a job as a studio analyst and panelist, and he’s been doing a great job at ESPN all season long.

Subban knows the game, he knows the content, and he’s really entertaining to watch. This season, the NHL on TNT crew has stolen all the headlines, but many have praised Subban for his work in front of the camera and for doing his best to grow the game.

But last night, he said something that got fans talking, and a beef with a famous pop star might very well be on the way.

Subban talked about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ performance during Game 1 of the second round of the playoffs, and he wasn’t impressed. The Florida Panthers looked hungrier, and they eventually won 4-2.

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P.K. Subban feels like the Maple Leafs are missing something and that they need something to happen. Subban suggested that Leafs pack a ”Lizzo sized lunch” if they want to do better in Game 2.

Lizzo is one of the world’s top-performing pop stars at the moment, and Subban’s bashing of her surprised a lot of fans.

On social media, a lot of fans absolutely slammed Subban for his comment and for fat-shaming a woman.

”Did Pk Subban really just say ’Lizzo sized lunch?’ That’s… not acceptable. That’s fatphobic,” one said.

”Just want to watch hockey without some panelists making a dig at women. First it was biz saying women only watch hockey for the men & now pk Subban saying a Lizzo size lunch. Ugh,” another added.

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