Gretzky once hid the Stanley Cup in his backyard for 12 hours, and the reason why is so wholesome

Lifting the Stanley Cup is special, even for a player like Wayne Gretzky. The Stanley Cup is perhaps the most famous trophy in all sports, and during playoffs last year, Rick Tocchet made a guest appearance on TNT’s NBA coverage, and he had the Cup with him. Legendary NBA player Charles Barkley wouldn’t even touch it out of respect for how much it means to win it. 

“Even people who don’t know about hockey, knows about the Stanley Cup. It’s a magnet,” said Wayne Gretzky on TNT some days later.

The TNT had their first coverage of that year’s playoffs, and on TV, Gretzky shared his favorite story about the Cup.

“It was probably 85,” said Gretzky. 

“Back in those days, when we won the Cup in 84, we asked what we should do with it. They just said,’ Well you won it, you take it.’ So we were the first team to taking it around downtown and all that stuff. But i remember at 85, it was early in July in we were in my backyard. My mum were doing her barbecue, it was me, my mum, and my dad, and my two grandmothers were coming over.”

“So I called the Hockey Hall of Fame and I said,’ Hey, can you guys bring down the Stanley Cup?’ So they drove her down, I had it in my backyard, just the five of us. We were taking pictures and it was the greatest day. It was so cool.”

 “In those days, it was a little bit different. Now everybody gets a day with the Cup and that’s special. But back then, it was a phone call and they drove her down, and I had the Stanley Cup in my backyard.”

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