Gordie Howe's son shares the most astonishing story of his legendary dad

Gordie Howe’s son shares the most astonishing story of his legendary father

Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky are two of hockey’s greatest. Now, Gretzky and the son of Gordie Dr. Murray have met for a chat – and it’s amazing.


We know that old time hockey was brutal and at times barbaric. With the hacking, slashing and lack of awareness for one’s own safety, it was a controlled circus on blades and ice.

Unfortunately, Gordie Howe passed away last July, but his legendary status will live on forever. Gordie’s son, Dr. Murray Howe and Wayne Gretzky, who was a close friend of Gordie and the Howe family, sat down to have a conversation as a precursor to Dr. Howe’s new book, Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father.

Gretzky and (Murray) Howe played together on a line back in Junior B. The two chatted about the good ol’ times, stories about Gordie, the life of hockey and the importance of family. One part of the conversation really jumped out, however.

“It defies comprehension”

Murray said he examined Gordie’s X-rays before, describing him as a medical phenomenon.
“I’ve seen Dad’s X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs, and examined him extensively. He’s a medical phenomenon, that’s for sure”, Murray said according to Macleans.ca. “What is immediately obvious when reviewing his wrist and elbow X-rays is that this was a man who sustained unusual, high-energy trauma, such as is seen in a UFC fighter”.

The small glimpse into the injuries Gordie sustained over his career proves he was a man like no other. And Murray sure would tell his colleagues if an X-ray of the like of his dad showed up.
“If an X-ray like this came across my computer workstation I’d call my colleagues over to take a look, because the findings are so extreme. The fact that he played the last seven years of his professional hockey career with such injuries defies comprehension”, Murray said according to Macleans.ca.

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