Goalie John Gibson absolutely levels Kevin Rooney behind the net, sparks scuffle

John Gibson might not be the one putting in the biggest hits in the NHL, especially since he’s a goalie.

But last night, the Ducks’ netminder had enough of Kevin Rooney chasing him and the puck behind the net, and put in a big hit.

John Gibson didn’t have his best nights in net when the Ducks’ faced New Jersey Last night. Ducks’ came through with a 3-0 victory, but Gibson stole the highlight reel anyways.

Late in the second period, Devils forward Kevin Rooney chased a dumped puck behind the net with John Gibson already there to play it.

The. goalie moved the puck and at the same time, with Rooney coming in with high-speed, Gibson dropped Rooney with a huge hit. Gibson looked frustrated, probably regarding the fact that Rooney could’ve leveled him as well, and gave the Devils player two more shots while laying on the ice.

Ducks players went to intervene which started a small scrum.

Gibson was awarded a two minute interference penalty.


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