Former NHLer shares disgusting photo of his finger after a slash from Sidney Crosby, watch at your own risk

It’s fair to say that Marc Methot isn’t the biggest Sidney Crosby fan. Methot, a former NHL who retired in 2019, played with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Ottawa Senators, and Dallas Stars during 13 years in the NHL before quitting. During those seasons, he played against Sid the Kid several times.

And he will never, ever forget it.

It all goes back to a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators in March 2017. Methot rushed the Penguins’ zone but got slashed by Sidney Crosby.

Methot immediately skated to his bench for medical attention, and as it turned out, his finger had been chopped off. Trainers had to stitch the crushed tip back onto Methot’s finger; as you can imagine, he was in a lot of pain.

When the teams played each other in the playoffs just months after the incident, Methot and Crosby got into a scrum, and Methot long afterward confessed that he tried to injure Sidney Crosby’s eye.

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Methot has been very clear on how upset he was about the chopping incident, and it didn’t help that Crosby wasn’t even called on a penalty.

But on the fifth anniversary of the incident, he wrote on Twitter that Crosby had signed a stick for him and that he didn’t hold any grudges.

”5 years ago, Sid took away a piece of me. A month and a half later in the playoffs, I tried taking an eye from him. And this year, he graciously signed a game stick for me. Water under the bridge now. Class act.”

And now, during a Twitter Q&A, Methot shares a photo of his finger after the slashing from Sidney Crosby, and we have to say, it’s absolutely disgusting.

Methot marked the photo as NSFW (Not Safe for Work), and it’s actually an understatement. Watch at your own risk:

Methot also got asked how it looks and feels right now.

”It looks a little different, but nothing crazy. The big change is that I don’t feel much around the tip of the finger. It’s just a tingly numbness kind of feeling now. Make sense?” He said.

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