Former NHLer Kevin Bieksa slams Toronto Maple Leafs stars, calls them out for being lazy

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost in overtime against the Boston Bruins on Saturday, and the criticism against John Tavares and William Nylander, who gave away the puck, allowing the Bruins to score the game-winning goal, has been huge.

Auston Matthews tied the game up with just six seconds remaining in regulation, but after William Nylander lost the puck, David Pastrnak could break in alone on Joseph Woll, who managed to save it, but Brad Marchand was there to pick up the rebound, winning the game for the Bruins.

William Nylander was the one who lost the puck in a vulnerable position.

But Maple Leafs captain John Tavares was also slammed on social media for their lack of backchecking in the deciding moment of the game.

Many believe that star players should do everything to stop their opponents, especially in a 3-on-3 overtime, but Tavares and Nylander didn’t seem to give their all.

And after the game, both Tavares and Nylander were absolutely slammed by analyst and former NHLer Kevin Bieksa.

“Tavares here, head should be down trying to get back into the picture,” Bieksa said about Tavares’ backchecking. “Nylander, same thing. He and Marchand are the two that tangled at center, and Marchand ends up beating him to the net and scoring the winner.”

Source: Sportsnet/Youtube

The criticism was harsh on social media as well, with many slamming, especially Tavares, for his lackluster backchecking work.

“I’m fairly certain John Tavares was exhausted here, but the lack of effort to get back and help defend is nonetheless infuriating to watch,” one writer for The Leafs Nation said.”

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