Former linemates drop the gloves in spirited fight

Former linemates drop the gloves in spirited fight

Last night, former Senators favorite Kyle Turris returned to Ottawa to face his former team.

He was welcomed back with fans bringing signs and received a warm reception from the Sens Army, but that was quickly washed away in the second period.

With just under ten minutes to go in the second period and the Sens up by two, Bobby Ryan and Turris dropped the mitts.

Yep, friends became foes last night, but that’s what can happen when your friend is on another team.

This was only the 7th fight in Turris’ career, and Ryan is not known for being a fighter, either.

As Ryan threw the puck into Nashville’s defensive end, you could see him get tangled up with a Nashville player. Well, that player was former teammate Kyle Turris.

The pair exchanged fists but it would be Ryan walking away with the W in this fight. The Senators would also go on to win in Overtime.

Speculation is that Turris may have caught Ryan up high on the stick near Ryan’s hands. We know about Ryan’s injury history so it would make sense for Bobby to get angered with a high-slash.

Who are some former teammates you’d like to see scrap?