Fans were left absolutely furious after seeing Jacob Trouba’s attempted hit on Martin Necas in Game 2

After the Rangers’ 4-3 win in overtime in Game 2 of the second-round series against the Carolina Hurricanes, everyone was happy that Jacob Trouba missed.

It was not a goal-scoring chance, but one of the most brutal hit attempts we’ve seen in the NHL this season.

The incident occurred in the first overtime of the game, as Trouba tried to lay a violent and vicious hit on Carolina center Martin Necas near the boards.

Trouba is known to be one of the biggest hitters in the NHL, and he always gives his all during physical battles.

But this time, he absolutely flew into the situation and also had his elbow in a dangerous position. Luckily, Necas was able to duck out of the way at the last second, narrowly avoiding Trouba’s elbow.

Trouba flew into the boards with his head first, and as he fell to the ice, his skate landed on Necas’ head. It was pure luck that both players were able to skate away unharmed and OK, and they both continued to play after the collision.

Although Trouba didn’t make any contact with Necas, fans and experts around the NHL were absolutely furious with his attempt.

The fact that his elbow seemed to be searching for Necas’ head didn’t exactly help, and there was no shortage of reactions on social media afterward.

Many even asked for the NHL to suspend Trouba just for the attempt and the intent to injure.

”Keep that elbow tucked buddy,” one said.

”Extends it as he realizes he is going to miss him. F—k that shit,” another said.

”Can you be suspended for intent?” a third asked himself.

”Necas ducking that might have saved Trouba from a lengthy suspension on that one,” another replied. 

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