Fans were stunned after seeing the Golden Knights’ pre-game show against the Oilers; it might be their best one yet

Hockey and entertainment go hand in hand, and nobody takes it more seriously than the Vegas Golden Knights.

Vegas is a special play known for amusement and turning everything into a show. It’s just a magical place, with everything extravaganza, so why should hockey be any different?

It’s all about giving the crowd that special treatment and making them feel that watching hockey is a bang for the buck. And now, when the playoffs have reached the second round, the Golden Knights have absolutely outdone themself.

It’s not the first time Vegas has gotten the hockey world’s attention for having spectacular visuals or amazing pre-game shows. Still, what they did before the puck drop in Game 1 against the Edmonton Oilers Wednesday was unforgivable. I think I speak for everyone when I say this: If you actually were in T-Mobile Arena to watch it, you’re one lucky fan.

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Everything started with a Knight skating out to the ice, asking the crowd to help him ”defend the fortress.” Not long after, an Oilers-dressed villain approached the ice and started shooting fire from an oil rig at the Knights.

Of course, a dragon showed up on the ice and defeated the evil Oiler. Fans on social media were thrilled with what was displayed, and TNT’s Paul Bissonnette took to Twitter to express his emotions.

”This Golden Knights intro is out of control,” he said.

And he wasn’t alone in feeling that the intro was just something else.

”Vegas Knights have the best pre-game intro and it’s not close,” one said.

”The Golden Knights intro is ELECTRIC,” another said.

”Golden Knights intro is so god damn sick,” a third added.

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