Fans just ranked the most annoying fanbase in the entire NHL, and the outcome is far from surprising

It’s been some rough years for the Toronto Maple Leafs and its fans. The Leafs haven’t advanced from the first round of the NHL playoffs in over 20 years. And their fans have now gotten used to being the laughing stock of the NHL. Fans of other teams than the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL love to make fun of the Leafs, and they usually take every chance they can to rub their horrific playoff statistic in their faces.

 And other fans in the league don’t seem to respect the Leafs’ fans that much. In a new survey created by hockey analyst JFresh on Twitter, the Leafs’ fanbase destroyed the other teams in being crowned the most annoying fanbase. Eighty-one percent of the Montreal Canadiens fans voted Toronto fans to be most annoying, and they” won” the survey ahead of Rangers and Canadiens.

In the survey, fans also voted on which fanbase is the most delusional. And the Toronto Maple Leafs won by a crushing amount, again. The Toronto fanbase also won the” most unhinged and prone to melting down over next to nothing.”

Do you agree?

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