Fans couldn’t stop laughing at Stuart Skinner’s hilarious mind games with Panthers’ Anthony Stolarz ahead of Game 7

It’s the biggest game in a long time, with some even calling it the biggest game ever in the NHL.

The Edmonton Oilers look to become the first Canadian-based team since 1993 to win the Stanley Cup, and the Florida Panthers are on the hunt for their first-ever Stanley Cup Championship.

After winning the series’ first three games, the Panthers have three straight losses coming into an all-deciding Game 7.

The pressure is enormous on the players, and they’re going to try everything to get their opponents out of balance.

And the mind games were real even before the game.

Usually, goalies like to have their space and do their routines during warmups.

But as teams prepared for the massive games, Stuart Skinner and Panthers’ backup goalie Anthony Stolarz went into a mind game, with both refusing to move from their preferred spot.

It led to the two goalies doing their own thing, just right next to each other. Fans found it hilarious, and it’s without a doubt a sign of what’s to come, as Game 7 is finally underway.

”I love this sport so much,” one user said.

”Goalie scrap lol,” another said.

”Here we go!!!!!!” a third added.

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