Fans can’t stop laughing at what Juuse Saros did in this situation; everyone is just so confused

Juuse Saros has always been considered promising but has really stepped up to the task. Last season, no goaltender played more minutes than Saros, and it was his just first as a full-time starter.

He played in 67 games during last year’s campaign, and this season has started similarly. He holds a 9-9-4 record, with .91 SVP and 2.84 GAA.

Saros isn’t the tallest goalie, but he makes up for it with his quick reflexes and athleticism. But those great abilities weren’t really on display during one sequence of last night’s game against the Edmonton Oilers.

Nashville Predators defenseman Dante Fabbro had the puck behind his net. In front of the net was Edmonton player Klim Kostin, and between them was Saros. Nothing weird happened with the puck or the players, but what Saros did really caught the fans’ attention, and the video of the sequence has gone viral.

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As Fabbro was trying to fake Kostin, Saros did absolutely nothing. He just froze, like a statue, seemingly unable to move. Brady Trettenero of Gino Hard tweeted the video with the caption, ”Someone unplugged Jusse Saros’ controller.”

And fans just can’t stop laughing at it.

One fan said: “Oh shit…did I leave the stove on?”

Another said: ”I’m laughing harder than I should be.”

A third added: ”If I could show one clip to people from the past to explain to them what the future is like I’d show them this.”

”It’s professional hockey at its highest level,” a fourth said.

But someone eventually gave a reasonable explanation of what was going on.

”He’s standing like that so the opposing player can’t skate through the crease easily to get to the puck. It’s the easiest way to take away space in the crease while still being able to see the puck behind the net,” one person said.

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