Fans are raging over Rangers miss, possibly forgetting about Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist and the New York Rangers could be better friends at the moment. And now, fans aren’t happy with the organisation since they might have forgotten to congratulate him on his birthday Monday.

Henrik Lundqvists isn’t named “The King of New York” for nothing. The Swedish, probably to be Hall of Fame, goaltender has been in the Blueshirts net in more than 800 games, and for many years named one of the best goalies in the game.

However, the end of the Broadway story might be a sad one for Lundqvist.

The 38 year old has been pushed aside and even been in the stands for several Rangers’ games this season. And before the trade deadline, rumors held him as one of the players that could’ve waived his no-trade clause to get a shot at the Cup.

He’s still with the organisation, and time will tell if he’ll stay or go somewhere else.

Lundqvist celebrated his 38th birthday Monday. Several NHL teams usually posts something on social media congratulating the specific players. However, the Rangers didn’t post anything about Lundqvists’ birthday, which made fans angry.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer regarding why the Rangers didn’t congratulate their star goalie, if it was an active choice, if they forgot about it, if Lundqvist didn’t want them to or if they just don’t do it that way.

However, since many are furious, maybe the Rangers should explain why.