Fans are absolutely sure we live in a ‘simulation’ after seeing creepy footage from Monday’s Game 7; the viral video has jaws dropping

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have been great so far, with entertaining series, thrilling games, a lot of goals, and a whole lot of content.

Players have been going toe-to-toe for weeks, and there have been plenty of physical battles every night.

But there’s also a whole lot of different stuff that’s happening during and around the games that always catch the attention of the fans.

During Monday’s Game 7 between the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers, a video went viral, but it had nothing to do with a goal or even a play.

The referee was preparing for a face-off in the Canucks’ zone when two Canucks players made the exact same motions and the exact same time.

It almost looked like they had synchronized it and prepared to do it simultaneously.

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A social media user uploaded a video of the Canucks players’ synchronized motions and claimed it’s evidence that we’re living in a simulation.

”Simulation is real,” the user said.

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One even responded by asking if the video was real, but it was just a case of the teammates being incredibly in sync.

”That’s called being locked in with your line mate my guy,” one social media user said.

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Overall, fans absolutely loved it.

”Hahahaha you gotta love it,” one said.

”That was awesome,” another said.

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