Evgeni Malkin slams his own fans: “We hear that in Philly, not Pittsburgh”

The Pittsburgh Penguins fans mocked goaltender Matt Murray after giving up two early goals against the Boston Bruins.

Now Evgeni Malkin slams his own fans.

Pittsburgh Penguins managed to turn the game around against the Boston Bruins. However, the game started in a less satisfying fashion.

The Bruins took a two goal lead early in the first period, leading the Penguins fans to mock their own goaltender Matt Murray.

The 25 year old received four Bronx Cheers from the fans inside PPG Paints Arena on Sunday.

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After the game, Murray chose not to comment on the topic. But teammate Evgeni Malkin did, slamming his own fans for their behaviour.

“It was stupid,”, Malkin told The Athletic.

“I’m not understanding our fans. Muzz won two Cups for us. You boo him — why? If you come to the arena, support our team. All of us. We try. We play so hard this year. We work so hard through injuries. We play good hockey. Maybe not last couple games, not early this game. But we try.

The first Bronx Cheer came along with Murray’s first save of the night.

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The three cheers that followed made the Penguins players react in big fashion.

“I understand: You pay money for ticket, you do what you want. But it’s tough to sit on bench and hear that. I don’t like it. We hear that in Philly, not Pittsburgh.”, Malkin tells The Athletic

The Penguins turned the game around winning 4-3. As of Tuesday, they sit second in the Metropolitan division.


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