Evander Kane and Pat Maroon shares wholesome moment during warmups after scary wrist injury

In early November, fans held their breath as Evander Kane rushed to the Oilers’ bench in panic. He held his right hand tight to his left wrist, and the blood poured on the ice.

Kane was chasing a puck along the boards when he fell to the ice, and his luck couldn’t have been worse. With Kane on his back, Tampa’s Pat Maroon skated by, and his skate caught Kane’s arm.

He got a deep gash on his wrist and was transported to a hospital for wrist surgery.

Kane was sidelined for over two months but returned to the NHL on Tuesday. His second game back was Thursday, and it just happened to be against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Kane would again play against Pat Maroon, whose skate slit Kane’s wrist, and many were curious how things would unfold between them.
It turned out to be one of the most wholesome moments of the year.

During pre-game warmups, Maroon skated over to Kane, and the two shared a fist bump and a hug and talked to each other for a bit. Luckily, Maroon was mic’d up, and the conversation between the two was shared on Twitter.

According to the conversation between Kane and Maroon, the Tampa veteran didn’t know he had caused the injury.

”My son told me I dit it. I didn’t even know I dit it. My bad I guess,” Maroon said.

”I’m glad to see you play again,” he said.

Kane accepted the apology, and it’s just so nice to see players talking things out. Players can be enemies on the ice and during games, but at the end of the day, it’s just hockey. We absolutely love to see it.

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